What will happen if you are unable to look after your pet? 

For many of us, our pets are cherished companions we share our lives with. However, very few of us have a plan in place should we find ourselves unable to look after them. 

The RSPCA Queensland’s Pet Legacy program exists to give you peace of mind, knowing that your animal companions will be cared for should you pass away or are unable to care for them anymore.

Simply complete the Pet Legacy enquiry form and our Philanthropy team will contact you to discuss your options.

How it works

The Pet Legacy Program is available to anyone who leaves a gift to RSPCA Queensland in their Will.

  • Update your Will. View our suggested Will Wording for the Pet Legacy clause.
  • Complete the Pet Legacy form or contact the Philanthropy team on 07 3258 5645 to request an enrolment form.
  • Your enrolment form will be sent by mail, once received simply complete and send back to us. 
  • The Philanthropy Team will enrol your pet into the program and send your VIP tags and emergency material for your companion.
  • Place the emergency material around your home and/or with a neighbour. In case of an emergency, someone will know that your pet is enrolled in the RSPCA Queensland Pet Legacy program and contact us to make suitable arrangements.

Why you should enrol your pet?

  • This program ensures that any pets you have at the time of your passing are rehomed with a loving family, who can care for your pets in the manner that they are accustomed.
  • Also, should there be an emergency situation, such as having to be admitted to hospital when there is no-one available to look after your pets, then RSPCA Queensland will care for your pets during this time.

To enrol your pets in this program after leaving a bequest, or to request our Pet Legacy brochure, please complete the Pet Legacy enquiry form or contact our Philanthropy team: 07 3258 5645 or email wills@rspcaqld.org.au.

View our suggested Will Wording and a specific Pet Legacy clause to include in your Will.