Corporate Volunteer Days at the RSPCA are a rewarding way to spend a day out of the office to give back to the community and a unique team building activity. There are a few different experiences you can enrol your team in:
  • Volunteering Day – A reward half or full day out of the office at the Wacol Animal Care Campus helping provide vital resources around the campus and contribute to day to day tasks in the shelter.
  • Special Projects & Events Register – Register you and your team members for any special projects or community events, such as Million Paws Walk, where we need extra helpers. We email these opportunities on a regular basis. 
  • Meeting & Team Building Packages - Take your next team building day or meeting offsite; we have a range of half and full day packages including access to boardrooms, AV equipment, catering, campus tour and animal meet & greets.

Please complete the enquiry form to book in today and our corporate team will be in touch!