Thank you for your interest in becoming an RSPCA Qld foster carer. We are always keen to work with enthusiastic, compassionate people who would like to help give an animal a second chance at a safe and happy life.

Our foster carers are unique individuals who dedicate their time to nurturing and loving those who need it most. One of the most rewarding experiences for these carers is seeing a previously uncared-for animal finding who they are and learning to trust once again.

For some foster carers, the experience of fostering an abused or neglected animal can be even more rewarding. These animals are in desperate need of human contact and to the special few fostering these animals, the experience can change their lives.

Thousands of animals are cared for by dedicated foster carers each year. As the amount of animals that come through each RSPCA centre grows, it is necessary now more than ever to recruit new foster carers to add to the RSPCA foster family network.

How do I become an RSPCA Foster Carer?

What I should be aware of when thinking about Fostering?

Even though it is difficult to predict what types of animals the RSPCA will have that require time in a foster home, on a day to day basis there are currently only a relatively small number of puppies and toy / small sized adult dogs. Especially when compared to the large number of existing carers who have signed up exclusively to foster these animals.

As such, if you only have 4ft fences or only want to foster puppies and toy/small adult dogs, your wait might be considerable (you might not be called at all). Further, if you are signing on to foster kittens, please be aware that outside of cat breeding season (the cooler months), there are relatively few kittens who require foster care.

Our greatest need at the moment is for carers who want to foster medium to large sized adult dogs, who have 5-6ft fences, no young children and no dogs in the home (or maybe one well-socialised medium to large sized dog of your own). We are also always in need of carers who will take adult cats (especially our cat flu kitties) and our canine and feline ringworm cases.