RSPCA Qld CEO Mark Townend has congratulated the State Government after the new dog breeder registration laws passed by Parliament yesterday. The laws are designed to crack down on puppy farms.

“This is a major breakthrough for animal welfare and we’re very grateful to the Government. We firmly believe these laws will help identify unscrupulous breeders and stamp out the insidious puppy farms that prey on humans and animals alike. Puppies are often bred in filthy conditions and many have genetic conditions that need ongoing and expensive veterinary attention for the rest of their lives. So the owners and the animals suffer.”

 “Those who exploit the welfare of breeding dogs and their puppies for their own financial gains have no place in Queensland,” said Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Leanne Donaldson.”

Under the new legislation all dog breeders, apart from genuine working dog breeders, must register and include their breeder identification number (ID) on their dog’s microchip details and display their breeder ID at point of sale and supply.

“I really feel this is a major step forward,” continued Mr Townend. “The legislation was primed to go through before the election before last but then fell by the wayside, so it’s terrific that this government has seen fit to prioritise animal welfare.”