2020 Recap

Animals Posted Apr 13, 2023
Last year, 2020 certainly had some of our paws in prayer-pose amid these very unpredictable times!

Pivoting from destructive bushfires to a world-wide pandemic certainly compelled a huge amount of adaptability and resilience from the community, and it is with many thanks to our wonderful RSPCA Queensland supporters, whose dedication to the cause despite such an unprecedented year, saw so many animals in need continue to receive the comfort and care they deserve.

Thousands of animals were re-homed, fostered, rescued, and rehabilitated. Tens of thousands of wildlife patients were admitted into care. Hundreds of thousands of voluntary hours were worked and calls taken for lost, sick or injured animals.

The year that was...

RSPCA Queensland Spokesperson Michael Beatty affirms that the year was still “incredibly busy” and although figures showed a slight reduction in overall rescue and cruelty jobs as a “glimmer of hope”, there is still much work to do.

In 2020, Animal Ambulance officers received 29,222 dispatch calls with rescues ranging from coughing kangaroos, cats caught in drains and chimney-hatched ducklings, to many a pipe-stuck possum. The 29,865 jobs that were recorded in 2019 illustrates only a very small reduction in calls. With wildlife living in and around our neighbourhoods, our RSPCA Animal Ambulance services will always be vital to our community and animals.

Animal cruelty and neglect is an area that continues to be a focus of great concern and although 2020 saw a decline of 1,523 cases reported since 2019, the year’s total of 17,148 investigations is still far too high.

Onwards and upwards for 2021!

We look forward to making a positive difference in 2021 as together, we change lives.

A huge thank you to our wonderful supporters and volunteers who are always central to the celebration of our RSPCA successes and a big welcome to all the new helping hands who we’ll meet as we make our way through this - hopefully - much more predictable year!

If you find an injured or sick animal in need of rescue or an animal suffering from cruelty or neglect, please contact our 24/7 Animal Emergency Hotline 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625).

  • Click here to report a cruelty case online.
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Rebecca Kahler

Rebecca Kahler
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