Saturn the Log Cat

Animals Rescue Posted Feb 2, 2021
As a lifestyle decision, hiding away from the world in a hollowed log was not going to stick for sassy Saturn.

Recently, our Animal Rescue Team received a call on our 1300 ANIMAL hotline about a cat stuck in a log.

This peculiar predicament began with a call to our rescue team about a ginger cat that looked weak, wobbly on its feet, and possibly with a snake or tick bite.

When the caller approached, Saturn got spooked and ran halfway into a hollowed-out log.

After an hour of Rescue Officer Sam trying to coax him out, ultimately the log had to be broken apart in order to free Saturn.

rescue officer breaking log

Saturn was brought into the RSPCA Domestic Hospital at Wacol to be assessed and treated. Examination showed he had cat flu and two ticks in his neck that needed removal.

Saturn spent two months recovering from his ordeal in a foster home before being adopted by a lovely couple.

ginger cat sitting on office chair

It’s safe to say, Saturn escaped with all his nine lives in tact and won’t be returning to his log home anytime soon!

If you find an animal in need of help, contact our 24/7 Animal Emergency Hotline - 1300 264 625.

Jessica Singh
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