A Little Blind Cat’s Happy Tail

Happy Story Cats Posted Nov 10, 2020
Everyone who met Hazel fell in love, but this girl didn’t have to go far to find her forever home with RSPCA Animal Attendant, Annie.

Hazel the cat was brought in by the RSPCA Animal Ambulance in October. She was anaemic and small for her age, approximately 6-months-old, weighing a tiny 900 grams! Both of her eyes were sunken with scarring on her right eye and a collapsed globe. She could see very minimal from just one eye.

Initially in foster care, Hazel quickly became lethargic. She wasn’t gaining weight and her outcome wasn’t looking good. In a last ditch effort, Annie was asked to care for Hazel. Annie seemed to be skilled at getting all her foster cats a bit chonky…

hazel on the couch

Within a week Hazel had gained nearly half a kilo! She became more confident and playful. She loved to be around Annie’s cats and really followed their lead, she would even use the toilet immediately after them. She wanted to rub up against them and be around them at all times.

After several months of steady and healthy improvements, Hazel got the all-clear to have surgery to remove her eye and desexing.  Within a week of surgery, Hazel crashed and was in a dire state. Hazel had months of tests, monitoring and delicate care. Once she had finally come out the other side, Annie couldn’t say goodbye to Hazel, they’d been through too much together!

hazel on the lawn

Annie said, “She’s now a permanent member of our family. She loves to follow me around, will sit with me in the shower, helps me with puzzles and gardening, and will sleep across my chest at night. She is adapting to her new, sight-less life well! She is really a remarkable cat, so smart and gets up to no good – A LOT.

hazel lying on a laptop computer

“She will use her whiskers and paws to feel around to know where to go, she also has supersonic hearing and will hear her food from miles away. We will need to do a few more routine blood tests every 3 months or so to monitor her blood levels. She has been a star patient, while she was getting bloods she would sit there bunting into my face purring.”

hazel sitting next to a game controller

Annie was meant to be the strong one who wouldn’t get attached and foster fail, but here we are with a very Happy Tail.

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