Cats pose a real threat to our wildlife when they are not properly managed, killing 75 million native animals a day in Australia. That means 868 deaths every second! YOU can protect the wellbeing of both your feline friend, and our wildlife.

  • Confine your cat indoors
  • Confine your cat in a cat run when outdoors
  • Desex your cat

Just one feral cat added to the population means at least 3,650 native wild friends will lose their lives. Desexing your cat means they cannot add to the feral population.

These simple steps mean your precious feline friend cannot roam and hunt, or get hurt themselves during their adventures! Help your cat keep their sweet fluffy innocence by confining and desexing them.

Cat confessions

The first step to redemption is coming clean.

Cats can’t help the urge to roam and hunt - it's in their nature. They even admit it.

Listen to Hazel's sordid cat confessions.