Is cruelty to native wildlife on the increase or are more people reporting it? RSPCA Qld has been made aware of several incidents involving deliberate cruelty to possums in the last month. Three incidents have been captured on video and one photographed.

“These are very, very disturbing,” said RSPCA Qld spokesperson Michael Beatty. “The videos depict people deliberately torturing defenseless animals. In one video a possum is dragged from a tree and then squeezed and slammed onto a wall before being hurled into the bush. In another, a live possum is wrapped in a net before being thrown to dogs that tear it to pieces and a third video shows a young man biting and chewing a possum before hurling it into the darkness. 

“These are quite deliberate and premeditated acts of animal cruelty and show a complete lack of empathy. Without meaning to sound too melodramatic the links between this type of cruelty and acts of violence toward humans have been well researched over the years. We’re urging anyone who has any information regarding incidents of cruelty to report them to the RSPCA or the police.”

“There is also a picture of two young girls “proudly” posing with rifles and a dead possum. All native animals are protected under the Nature Conservation Act and if they did shoot the possum then that is illegal and they can be prosecuted."

To report animal cruelty contact the RSPCA 24/7 Animal Emergency Hotline - 1300 264 625.