Where can I see what animals are available for adoption?
You can view all RSPCA Queensland animals available for adoption here. Our website refreshes every hour, so be sure to keep checking throughout the promotion!

How can I check if an animal is still up for adoption?
Our website is the best way to see if an animal is still available to adopt. The website refreshes frequently on the hour, but sometimes a pet may be in the process of being adopted while still showing online. If you have your heart set on a certain pet, ask the front counter staff when you arrive if they are still available to adopt and where they are located on site so our volunteers can help you on the day. Come with an open mind and heart and a few different pets in mind to avoid disappointment if particular pets are adopted prior to your visit. 

Where can I adopt an animal?
Clear the Shelters is happening right across RSPCA Queensland locations. This includes RSPCA Adoption Centres, Sit Drop Shop Indooroopilly, World for Pets, RSPCA Op Shops (Bundall, Labrador, Miami and Toowoomba), and relevant Petbarn locations. Standard location opening hours apply so be sure to check our location operating times

Can I bring my pet in to meet the animals?
Usually we have meet and greet options available for dogs to come into the shelter to meet other dogs, however, as Clear the Shelters is very busy, we cannot offer meet and greets prior to adoption for February 21-23. If you do have a pet at home, our Adoption Counsellors can advise the best way of introducing pets. We also have some information on our blog that is helpful for settling-in new pets at home and introducing dogs to each other

How much is the adoption fee?

All RSPCA Queensland pets are $29* to adopt during Clear the Shelters. Animals which have a standard adoption fee that is less than $29 will remain at their current adoption price (eg. mice, small birds, poultry, rats and guinea pigs.). Horses and large livestock are not included in this promotion.

Why aren’t adoption fees always this low?
We would love to be able to offer lower adoption fees year-round but as a charity, this simply isn’t feasible. Even when we have full price adoption fees, this only covers a portion of that individual pet’s costs in getting them ready for adoption and caring for them during their stay.

Can I put an animal on hold before I get to the centre? 
RSPCA Queensland cannot place a hold on animals, as this could prevent them from going to their forever homes sooner. Adoptions are processed based upon first come, best home.
The discounted adoption rate is available from 21 to 23 February 2020 only and there are no rainchecks. Unfortunately, we are unable to extend the discounted adoption price outside of the set dates. If you are adopting a pet from foster care or ones that do require property checks, if your adoption application is processed during these dates, that pet will be adopted at the promotional price. 

Why is this event busy with queues and processing times?
Please be patient with our volunteers and staff on the day. Every adoption enquiry is processed as a first come, first served basis and we want to ensure each pet is a match for the potential owner with checks and procedures in place. We cannot ‘hold’ pets before you arrive as mentioned above, so make sure you: pre-register your details here to save some time on the day, open your heart to a range of pets available to adopt to avoid disappointment if the pet you had in mind is adopted prior to your visit.

Why do I need to pick a time to visit?
To avoid queueing and overcrowding on the day, we’ve asked potential adopters to pre-register their details to adopt and choose a time that works for them to visit their chosen location.
This way our volunteers and staff can attend to you better on the day by having more time to answer your questions, processes adoptions, and so our pets don’t get overwhelmed with crowds around their pens. *Please note: pre-registering to adopt is not a confirmation of a pet adoption or ‘hold’ system.

What if I can’t make my selected time?
You may just have to wait a little while if you do arrive late.  

What do I need to bring to adopt?
If you have pre-registered, please bring a copy of your pre-registration confirmation number. If you lost it don’t fret – we will be able to find you in the system!
For all adopters, please bring your ID and information about pet approval if you are renting. Only those 18 years and over can adopt a pet.
Most of our locations will have products you can purchase onsite (eg. carry cases, leads, collars, food, bowls etc) for your new companion, we also have our RSPCA World for Pets store where you can purchase pet products online.

Why are animals being adopted at a discount rate?
We have hundreds of animals available to adopt right across the state and some have been patiently waiting for homes for more than 100 days. Offering a discounted adoption fee is a great incentive to bring more adopters into our facilities to meet our amazing companions. Normal adoption procedures still apply, so even though the adoption fee is discounted, the same time and effort goes into matching each animal to the right family.

Won’t they just be impulse purchases at this lower adoption fee and get returned?
There is no evidence that the adoption price point has any impact on the animal’s subsequent welfare nor does it increase return rates of pets to our the RSPCA compared with other times throughout the year. There is a lot of international and Australian research published on this topic, and RSPCA Queensland follow-ups around animals adopted during this promotion and similar adoption events we host have found excellent welfare outcomes, completely on par with regular adoption price points throughout the year. 

How do you know they are going to the right home? What is the adoptions process?
We always want to ensure our pets find their perfect, forever home. No matter the promotion or adoption fee, normal adoption procedures apply so pets and owners can find the right choice for their lifestyle. 

Our trained Adoption Counsellors go through a rigorous process to ensure every family is the best match for that individual animal; taking into consideration that animal’s energy requirements, size, medical requirements, individual personality and needs, and so on. An Adoption Counsellor will provide the interested adopter with details about the animal, eg. Medical procedures that pet has had like desexing, their dietary requirements, behavioural information, any medications or ongoing treatment that may be required.

Each new owner will go home with an animal health-check card. This will include important, individual information about the animal, including the date when the animal received parasite control and vaccinations. If relevant, the card will also tell the owner when the animal will need to undergo desexing stitch removal, or if ongoing parasite preventatives or vaccinations are required. 
Adoption Counsellors will also provide information about introducing pets to existing pets in the home for a smooth adoption experience. More pet care advice can be found on our blog.
Our team will also run through our 14 day health policy with adopters. Following the adoption, RSPCA Queensland is also able to provide over-the-phone support if the new owner has any questions or concerns.

Are the animals desexed and veterinary checked?
All cats, kittens, dogs and puppies are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, worm and flea treated. Extra medical information is provided at the time of adoption for individual pets. Other pets are also vet checked and vaccinated with appropriate identification but may not be desexed due to species. This will be discussed at point of adoption. 

What if I arrive and there are no animals left to adopt? 
New animals become available in our shelters each and every day so be sure to check back on our adoption page to see what animals are currently available. The website refreshes frequently on the hour, but sometimes a pet may be in the process of being adopted while still showing online.
Having less animals available to adopt is a great thing, we can’t wait for our pets to find loving new homes rather than waiting in a shelter environment. 

What happens to the animals that don’t find their homes?
Animals in our care that aren’t adopted during the promotion will still patiently wait for their new home. There is no time limit or age limit for animals looking for a second chance. This is why we run adoption promotions, to help our long-term animals find their forever homes faster. We are also always looking for foster carers to help give pets time away from the shelter environment while they wait to be adopted. Plus, after this event, our team will have even more time for cuddles, training and enrichment at a one-on-one level with our remaining pets in care.