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Pets Pet Care Posted Dec 15, 2020
While Bonnie was admitted to hospital, RSPCA organised for her cat Rum Tum Tugger to be looked after

Have you ever thought about what will happen to your beloved pet if the unimaginable happened to you, or how your money has the potential to leave a lasting legacy for the next generation? Bonnie has.

Bonnie lovingly refers to herself as an ‘old maid’ – “I live at home with my cat!” she says. She devoted her entire career to being a school teacher, passionately supporting the children that have filled her classroom over the decades.

Her cat is Rum Tum Tugger, a name inspired by T.S. Elliots’ Book of Practical Cats. He is incredibly loving, inquisitive, and a big fan of chasing pheasant tails.

Rum Tum Tigger was looked after RSPCA Qld while Bonnie was in hospital

“It was an internet romance. I fell in love with him at first sight,” Bonnie says.

The two regularly go for walks, which is one of Bonnie’s greatest joys. Locals affectionately refer to her as Cat Mumma and are amazed when they see the two of them out on the footpath, more often than not, with Rum Tum Tugger leading the way.

When Bonnie was admitted into hospital for a hip replacement, the RSPCA organised to have Rum Tum Tugger looked after for the duration of her recovery. Her boy got to hang out in the RSPCA offices until he was fostered out to a loving family. They even sent Bonnie pictures of what he would get up to during the day. When Bonnie got home from hospital, she was amazed at how happy and relaxed Rum Tum Tugger was.

For Bonnie, it was her medical condition that prompted her to plan ahead for his care. She arranged for a Pet Legacy Bequest through the RSPCA and says she has tremendous peace of mind knowing that her cat will be taken care of in her absence.

“The work that RSPCA does in rescuing animals, feeding them, attending to their wounds, and finding loving families for them to be adopted into, is how I want my legacy to live on.”

The RSPCA Pet Legacy Program can provide life-long care for animals and/or find suitable new homes for pets when their owner passes away. It also provides pet care and foster care if an owner is unwell and unable to care for their pet for a period of time, like when Bonnie had her hip replacement. After specifying a gift in your Will to RSPCA Qld, you can enrol your pet into the Pet Legacy Program.

Bonnie’s complete interview and experience is captured in Issue 7 of the RSPCA’s Magazine, The Biscuit. To subscribe and read more stories like this, visit

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