Prepare Your Pooch for Million Paws Walk

Dogs Million Paws Walk Pet Care Posted Dec 15, 2020
RSPCA Million Paws Walk is fast approaching, so how do you prepare your dog for the big day?
Tip 1: Let’s be friends

If you’re planning to attend your local Million Paws Walk with your best mate in tow, it’s vital to ensure your pooch is social with other dogs and happy with unfamiliar places and people. If your dog is timid or shy, it might be best to skip bringing them to the event, but you and your companion can still help other less fortunate pets by fundraising for the RSPCA! You also don’t have to bring a pooch to attend the walk, just come along and enjoy the day! I find it far more interesting ‘dog watching’ than people watching.

It’s is essential that you have your dog on lead at all times at your local RSPCA Million Paws Walk and keep your eye on your pooch while they interact with other dogs. If you think your dog is uncomfortable at any time, take them to a quiet, shady spot for some time out from the festivities.

Don’t forget to always ask other humans if you can pat their dog first before approaching! Dogs have personal space too.

Tip 2: Health check!

Is your pupperino up to date with their vaccinations? Only fully vaccinated dogs are able to attend RSPCA Million Paws Walk to ensure all pets attending are happy and healthy on the day. 

If you own a Brachycephalic dog breed (Pug, British Bulldog or French Bulldog), they are more susceptible to heat stress than other dogs due to their short muzzles. Ensure they are well hydrated and kept cool and taken on a short leisurely stroll of RSPCA Million Paws Walk. There are shorter walk routes on the day for less active, senior and flat-faced dog breeds.

If you own a senior pooch that isn’t as mobile as they used to be, it is wise to let them enjoy the day at home instead. They can catch up on their furry friend gossip from the news coverage on Sunday night anyway!  Many owners with smaller dogs and senior pets do still enjoy Million Paws Walk in style with pet strollers too, the perfect way to roll and still enjoy the day out!

Tip 3: Pack the Essentials

With just a few sleeps to go, here are some helpful tips for travelling with your pet on Sunday!

Ensure you have these items on hand for your pooch:

  • Water bowl & water
  • Poop bags
  • Lead & harness
  • Favourite treats or toys
  • Towels & comfy bedding for the drive
  • Don’t forget your Million Paws Walk Merchandise! It’s now sold out online, but some walk locations will have some you can purchase when you arrive.

Extra tip – If your pet gets breakfast, make sure you feed them a couple of hours before the car trip to the walk, you don’t want your pet to get carsickness or suffer bloat!

Tip 4: Find your walk location parking and start time details

We are sure your dog will thoroughly enjoy RSPCA Million Paws Walk and socialising with others on the day! Find your nearest walk location and start time here and take advantage of discounted ticket pricing online until Saturday afternoon.

Tip 5: Travel Safe

Remember it’s illegal to drive in a car with your dog in the front seat or on your lap! Keep them secure in the back of your vehicle or appropriately tethered in your ute. For more about appropriate ute travel with your pet, click here.

And remember, NEVER leave your pet unattended in your car or on the back of a ute. It’s also now a legal requirement for all dogs to be appropriately secured on the backs of utilities and in trailers. Dogs inside vehicles are also required to have no more than their head protruding from windows.

Extra tip when driving with your pooch in the car – Put the Window and Door locks on if you have that option so they can’t accidentally open them!

You can check out a range of travel aids for your pooch like seatbelt clips at our RSPCA World for Pets stores and online here.

Tip 6: Chillax

Your pooch may be a bit pooped by the end of the day from the sensory overload of RSPCA Million Paws Walk! So many butts to sniff… places to widdle… and food to hoover… so pop on some relaxing tunes on your drive home so your pet can catch some ZZZs and let them have a good rest once home. 

Emma Lagoon
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