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Animals Pets Animal Welfare Happy Story Posted Dec 15, 2020
The love you feel for your pets can live on in their lives, even after you’re gone
Your pet’s love is unconditional and eternal, and you can ensure that someone will always be there for them with RSPCA Queensland’s Home Ever After program.
Nick's Story

Nick said that one of the most amazing feelings in the world is to be so unconditionally loved by his dog, and how happy Jack gets when he sees him. Jack has forever changed Nick and his family’s lives for the better, and whilst they plan to take care of him for years to come, Nick wanted peace of mind knowing that if for some reason the family couldn’t, Jack would be cared for. So, Nick registered Jack with the Home Ever After program.

Nick walking his dog Jack in a park

The program ensures that if something were to happen to you and your family, and your pet was left behind, through adding Home Ever After instructions in your Will, your pet would be re-homed with a new loving family that meets the personal needs and requirements of your pet; from their personality type, food and toy preferences and how they like to be held.

"Animals bring love and joy to our lives every day, but being able to give back to them even when you're no longer here, can make a huge difference" - Nick

As well as Jack’s registration in the Home Ever After program, Nick has left a gift in his Will to RSPCA Queensland. This will help prosperously continue caring for and providing homes for animals in need. For more information about leaving a gift in your Will to RSPCA Queensland, learn more here.

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