Those of us lucky enough to have animals in our lives are truely blessed. Our treasured pets are much more than our friends, they’re our family. Our pets give us so much. They fill our hearts with love, our homes with joy and our lives with comfort and companionship.

But when life is unpredictable, it’s only natural to worry about what might happen to them when we’re gone or no longer able to care for them. If there is no one in your life at the moment you feel can give your pet a home after you pass away, or that can care for them should you be rushed to hospital for an emergency, Home Ever After is here for you and your pet.

See our useful step-by-step on how to give your treasured pet a home ever after

Step 1. Order your registration pack 

Complete the online registration form here. We will then mail you a registration pack with registration forms for you to complete for each of your pets.

Step 2. Register your pet or pets

You will need to fill out a separate registration form for each of your pets and one all about yourself. By completing these forms you are providing us with detailed information on your pet’s requirements, personality, and preferences. Everything from their favourite foods to how they like to be cuddled. This information help us to find them a new home when the time comes.

Step 3. Add Home Ever After instructions to your Will

It’s essential to leave instructions in your Will, because it is a legal document that gives force to your final wishes regarding the future care of your pets. We will provide you with wording to insert into your Will, expressing your wish for RSPCA Queensland to care for and rehome your pets in the event of your death. We’ll need a copy of these instructions in your Will to complete your pet’s registration.

Step 4. Include a gift in your Will to RSPCA Queensland

There is no charge for Home Ever After, but as you can probably imagine, the costs of caring for and rehoming your pets can add up. Often to thousands of dollars. So we would really appreciate it if you include a gift in your Will to RSPCA Queensland.

As an animal love, taking this thoughtful step is also a beautiful way for your to make the world a better place for animals that are suffering.

Step 5. Relax

Your previous pets are protected by Home Ever After, and plans for their future happiness are in place. Time to get back to enjoying life with your pets!

Include a Charity coalition

RSPCA Qld is proud to be a part of Include a Charity – a coalition of more than 130 charities working together to change the way Australians think about including charities in their Will.