Cynthia’s Love For Animals

Animals Posted Jul 21, 2022
People like Cynthia are helping animals into the future by leaving a Gift in their Will and enrolling their pets in the Home Ever After Program.

From a young age Cynthia had a close bond with her family pet, leading to an adoration of dogs. She says she cannot live without them. Over the last 35 years, Cynthia has owned three Australian terriers and a golden retriever who was also a therapy dog.

Cynthia understands that all animals deserve care and love and she doesn’t want to see animals suffer. “I don’t like the idea of neglect or cruelty to animals and I know no other group does the breadth of work that RSPCA Queensland undertakes,” she says.

Along with her passion for dogs, Cynthia wants to see the very best future for our wildlife and their protection. She says that it’s satisfying to know exactly how animals will benefit from donating. “I think the RSPCA does a great job under difficult circumstances, it’s a job that has to be done and you can’t do it without money.”

Cynthia with koala

Leaving a Gift in your Will is one way to contribute and support animals in need, long into the future.

The Home Ever After Program means RSPCA Queensland can look after your pet if you fall ill and need to go to hospital, if your circumstances change and you can’t take your pet to a new place of residence, or if you pass away. Home Ever After is here for you and your pet.

Giving back to the community is important to Cynthia. She encourages others that hold a special place for animals in their heart to plan for the future and give back to others in need.

If you’ve had pets in your lives and had a companion close to you providing joy pleasure and love, there are other animals that need looking after as well, and it can only be done appropriately by organisations like the RSPCA. They always need a helping hand, so why not offer them a helping hand? There are more ways to help the RSPCA beyond adopting a pet, they give you companionship for years, but to be able to give back beyond that, is a wonderful thing.”

Learn more about leaving a gift in your will and our Home Ever After Program here. Your love for animals can live on long into the future and make a real difference!

Sam Morris
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