Are you going on holiday and have someone looking after your pet at home? Register your pet with our Home Alone Service so we know when you are away in case they need help or are missing.

“Many people leave pets at home and rely on the goodwill of neighbours and friends to keep them fed, watered and exercised,” said RSPCA Qld spokesperson Michael Beatty. “The problem is that often these friends forget or the animal escapes and we have no one to contact in case of emergencies. With Home Alone people can register their pet and leave the name and contact details of the people taking care of the animal. That way we know whom to contact in case of emergencies.”

It is extremely helpful to provide this information to our Inspectors as sometimes pets left in the care of others can be reported to the RSPCA. By registering your pet when you are away if we receive a complaint or your pet is found, we will get in touch with you or your care giver.

To register your pet while you are away, fill out our Home Alone Registration online. Alternatively check out our Pet Sitting section where you can find links to find trusted and insured pet sitting services.