'Pet Sitting' or house sitting is about someone caring for a pet in its' own home while the owner is away. 'Dog Boarding' is caring for pets in the Sitter's own home and is usually overnight or can be Doggie Day Care. 

Introducing PetCloud

PetCloud is a website where pet owners can search a national network of trusted pet sitters who offer pet care services in their own home, or yours. Part-owned by RSPCA Queensland, a portion of the profits are put right back into the RSPCA. 

The advantages of pet sitting (over other pet-care options): 

1. Pets are happier and experience less stress in a home environment.

2. Diet and exercise routines are continued.

3. Travel trauma for the pet is minimised.

4. Pet's exposure to illness is minimised. 

What does a pet sitter do?

Pet owners often use pet sitters when they go on holiday, travel for business, work long hours or when they are too sick or injured to care for their pet(s). Pet sitters set their own prices on PetCloud and offer a variety of services. Find out how to become a Pet Sitter with PetCloud.

- Feeding the pets and changing their water bowls

- Dog walking exercise and play time 

- Cleaning litter boxes and cleaning up any other pet messes

- Dog washing and grooming

- Round trips to the Vet to get pets' vaccinations up to date

- Doggie daycare for puppies, anxious pets or sick pets who need supervision

What makes PetCloud different? 

Our pets are important to us and we understand that each pet owner wants to feel assured that their pet is in really good hands. Find a trusted Pet Sitter Online Now! 

- When you book through PetCloud, part of the profits go directly back to RSPCA. 

- There is a mandatory Police background checks of sitters who want to offer house sitting.

- Animal cruelty register cross checks on all RSPCA Accredited sitters.

- RSPCA Qld backyard checklist to help owners and sitters understand standards of care. 

- Pet sitter support manuals and videos.

RSPCA Qld accredited animal care courses. 

- Pet vaccination reminders.

- Pet holiday tags. 

- Pet GPS tracker available for purchase. 

- Pet sitting and care services. 

Up to $20M Insurance cover. 

Animal emergency service network. 

Pet treat packs.