Whether an animal has been surrendered, neglected, abandoned, lost, is unwanted, sick or injured, our centres throughout Queensland provide all creatures great and small a safe and comfortable place to stay while they receive the care and attention they need, and deserve.

At RSPCA Qld, we have close working relationships with councils, rescue groups and other welfare organisations, which positions us to give even more animals a second chance of finding a forever home, and to re-unite even more lost animals with their owners.

Over the past year, RSPCA Qld provided over 1 million animal care days. If you start to look at the number of meals, the amount of laundry, the number of walks - it is truly amazing the time that has been given by over 400 staff and over 5,500 volunteers, foster carers, rescue groups and wildlife carers.

2018-19 Highlights

  • RSPCA Qld cared for 52,961 animals
  • 25,352 Wildlife patients statewide
  • 7,008 animals were placed in Foster Care
  • The call centre answered 403,674 calls, emails and sms
  • 17,810 animal cruelty complaints and neglect calls were received
  • 114,391 animal rescue calls received