It’s easy to get caught up in the Christmas hype and think purchasing a pet would be a great gift. RSPCA Queensland is reminding shoppers to avoid pets as ‘stocking stuffers’ this year and choose to adopt if you can offer a home for life.

“Christmas is a great time to visit your local animal shelter as a family and find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. But it should be a joint decision, not an impulse gift for an unsuspecting relative,” said RSPCA Spokesperson Emma Lagoon.

The RSPCA is currently at capacity across Queensland with 2,400 dogs and cats in care alone and the charity is crying out for adopters and foster carers

“If you’re home for the holidays it’s a great time to choose to adopt so you can bond with a new pet and settle them into a daily routine. We are also looking for animal lovers that can provide a temporary home to pets in need.” 

It’s a timely reminder for pet owners to plan for their pets this Christmas and include them in holiday plans.
Sadly last summer the RSPCA had 1,597 pets surrendered for a myriad of reasons mainly ‘unwanted’ or ‘could not afford’. Owners looking to surrender their pets should exhaust all options before surrendering.

If you are going away for the holidays, find a local pet sitter, boarding kennel or a responsible relative that can care for your pet. Services such as can find a pet sitter in your area and the RSPCA’s Home Alone service provides peace of mind for those leaving a pet in the care of a relative.