With school holidays sadly comes pet abandonment. During summer RSPCA receives more calls about pets being left home alone.

“Last year our RSPCA inspectorate received 1,106 abandonment complaints across Queensland,” said RSPCA spokesperson Emma Lagoon.

“It continues to be a problem each year, however sometimes it’s as simple as owners forgetting to let neighbours know that their pets are being looked after by someone else while they are away, then our Inspectorate is called.” 

RSPCA Queensland is urging anyone going away for Christmas and the school holidays to plan early for their pets and find a recommended pet sitter.

The sad fact remains that some abandonment calls to the RSPCA are cruelty related.

The RSPCA offers a Home Alone Service which provides peace of mind to owners leaving their pet in the care of relatives or friends and helps to alleviate the burden on already overworked Inspectors. With Home Alone owners can register their pet on the RSPCA website and leave contact details of those taking care of their pets, so they can be contacted in cases of emergencies.

If you are going away for the holidays:

Find a recommended pet sitter through services like PetCloud or, 
Book your pet into a boarding kennel and,
Register your carer’s details with Home Alone.