World Stray Animal Day

Posted Dec 1, 2020
Tuesday April 4 is World Stray Animal Day. Pets shouldn't end up on the streets, lost and all alone.
Play your part by ensuring your pet is microchipped and the details on the chip are up to date. If your pet ever goes missing, they can be reunited much faster if they have details directly linked to you.

Did you know that last year alone we cared for nearly 8,000 stray animals at RSPCA Queensland centres? We also took over 33,000 calls about missing or found pets.

At least 30% of pets that come into the RSPCA are microchipped but that chip is not registered. 

The easiest way for pet owners to check if their pet’s microchip is registered is to visit and enter their animal’s microchip number. 

Read more ways you can ensure your pet has appropriate identification here.

What can you do if you lose or find a pet?

  • Register your pet with RSPCA Qld’s Lost and Found Service or call 1300 363 736
  • Notify your local Council
  • Thoroughly search your property
  • Notify neighbours and call out to your pet in your area
  • Keep searching! Pets have been known to turn up months after going missing

Read more about our extra Lost and Found services for missing pets here

Emma Lagoon
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