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Step outside into the great outdoors and treat your pet to a sensory experience they’ll remember forever.
This May take your canine companion on the adventure of a lifetime and join us in celebrating our 30th Million Paws Walk

Give yourself a mental health break and get active with your furry friend for a good cause!

There is a Million Paws Walk happening near you in 2024 with events being held in Brisbane, Bundaberg, Moreton Bay, Gold Coast, Hervey Bay, Mackay, Noosaville, Rockhampton or Toowoomba. Discounted tickets are available now, act fast to secure yours! 

Did you know that there is an easy way to fuel the mind of your pet when you’re out and about? Something called a ‘Sniffari’...

A Sniffari (sniffing safari) is a scent walk where your dog’s nose takes the lead. This way of walking mentally stimulates and enriches them, as dogs rely on their sense of smell to piece together their environment. Just imagine the delight they experience while on Sniffari, it would be extremely fun! "hmm, I can smell that Gerald the scruffy dog has been around these parts"

The checklist for a Sniffari is simple: all you need is your perfect pooch, a harness, a long lead, and a safe area away from roads. 

Why not deck yourself out in the latest Million Paws Walk merchandise whilst out on your next Sniffari? You and your pooch will be the best dressed on the block!

Science behind the sniffer

We humans have incredible noses. We know which perfume someone is wearing, when dinner is ready and when our dog didn’t quite reach the toilet in time. Six million scent receptors sounds remarkable, right? But what about 300 million?

That’s right – our four-legged friends not only have a sense of smell that is at least 10,000 times greater than ours, they also have more types of sent receptors. Dogs can understand smells that humans can’t even recognise or comprehend.

These sniffers also have the ability to separate air. Talk about a superpower! When a dog sniffs, a portion of the air goes to the olfactory sensing area, which identifies scents.

The other portion is for breathing. Pretty cool, hey? These superpower sniffers don’t stop here! Dog’s noses are designed to breathe in and out at the same time, creating a continuous circulation of air.

Now that you understand the importance of a Sniffari, your dog will be thinking "thanks for waiting human. My 300 million receptors are going off about this one leaf".

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Jacobbe McBride
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