Holiday Checklist: 10 Tips to prepare your pet!

Pet Care Article taken from The Biscuit magazine Posted Dec 1, 2020
Weekend getaways and holidays require planning, so no doubt you have a checklist each time you travel. When you have a million things running through your head before you leave, it can be easy to let something slip through the cracks.

This article is from The Biscuit magazine.

I consider myself quite an organised person, but I know if I don’t have my list, I’m sure to forget something! I’m here to help put your mind at ease with a few things you may need to remember before you head off.

Tip #1 - Is someone caring for your pets while you are away? Pop your details on the RSPCA Home Alone register. That way the RSPCA has an emergency contact in case your pet is found or reported.  Some people leave pets at home and rely on the kindness of neighbours and friends to keep them fed, watered and exercised while they are away, however often these pets can be forgotten or escape.

The service was set up to assist RSPCA Inspectors who are continually being called to investigate cases of abandonment; where caring neighbours are under the impression that pets have been left alone, but in fact they do have someone attending to them daily.

Tip #2
- Organise for your pet/s to be cared for by an accredited pet sitter - either at your home or theirs or find a reputable boarding facility.

Tip #3 – Ensure your carer has your pet’s medical history details. Provide a list of vaccinations, worming details, any ailments or medication details. Ensure you put aside any treatments that are due while you are on holiday and provide contact details of your vet should a problem arise.

Tip #4 – Stock up on food. Ensure your carer knows your pet’s feeding routine before you leave and where they can find your pet’s toys, bedding, coat, lead, poo bags etc!

Tip #5 – Is your pet in a routine? Some pets dislike change, so explain to your carer your daily routine so they can try to keep some normality for your pet. A pet that may get daily walks might be out of sorts if their routine drastically changes!

Tip #6
– Behaviours. List anything that may be of interest to your carer. Does your pet have a storm phobia, dislikes other pets or may suffer from separation anxiety? The more detail you can provide about your pet to your carer, the more informed they will be and notice changes.

Tip #7 – If your pet is being cared for at your home double check your property is secure – windows, doors, gates etc. Tie down any loose objects in your yard too in case of storms. Here is more information to prepare for a storm.

Tip #8
– Ensure your pet’s microchip details are up to date. Make sure they have visible ID on their collar so they can easily be reunited should they escape.

Tip #9
– Don’t forget to clean out all your garbage and turn off all electrical appliances not in use.

Tip #10
– Relax and enjoy your holiday!

Tahlia McFarlane
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