Cat enclosures, what’s puurrfect for your furry friend?

Pet Care Cats Article taken from The Biscuit magazine Posted Dec 1, 2020
Did you know, the average indoor cat has a life span of 14 years compared to only 4 years for an outdoor cat who roams freely?

This article is from The Biscuit magazine.

To ensure our furry friends live a long and healthy life while they enjoy the finer things in life, as well as keeping our wildlife safe.


Cats love the luxury of the indoors, although for some, their inquisitive nature calls them to explore the world beyond the safety of a warm bed. 

For these adventurous cats, supervised outdoor time is the purrfect answer. You can always teach your cat to walk on a harness, but if that public spectacle is a little too much for you, there’s always the easy option - a cat enclosure. 

Why have an enclosure and not just an indoor/outdoor cat? Outdoor cats pose a real threat to our wildlife when they are poorly managed, contributing to the death of 75 million native animals a day in Australia!^ 

Cat enclosures help make the transition from a roaming outdoor cat to one who loves the indoors and their very own cat enclosure! 

Here a list of reasons why you should invest in a cat enclosure!

  1. A safe cat is the best cat. Enclosures protect your best friend from any dangers they may encounter while roaming the streets. The statistics have shown exactly why this reason is so important. Avoiding the unnecessary traffic accidents, animal encounters, diseases and possible thieves!
  2. Cats need to play and climb. This is how they express their normal behaviour. Cats may be your personal lap warmer, but we all know cats are like angsty teenagers; they like their own space with their own things. Enclosures can be personalised from platforms through to bedding, meaning your cat may never want to leave!
  3. Enclosures allow your beloved cat to get the exercise they need to work off all those treats. Outdoor enclosures also allow for healthy dose of vitamin D that every cat needs. What’s better than a healthy cat, right? Don’t forget the pet sunscreen for your kitty with light skin pigment.
  4. Cats can suffer from anxiety when put in an unfamiliar situation, so having a comfortable and private space can put them at ease.
  5. 868 native animals are dying every second due to roaming cats^. So, this is why enclosures are a meow-nificent way for protecting your cat and Australia’s wildlife.

A cat enclosure is a positive, engaging and well-suited space for your cat. Helping make you, one happy and safe family. Learn more about Backyard Cat Enclosures.

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