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Pet Care Dogs Posted May 18, 2023
As the wind picks up and the rain gets heavier, remember your beloved pets too with warm coats, and extra blankets!
Winter is a cold month for all and if you are feeling the chill your pets will no doubt be feeling it too. There are plenty of simple ways that you can keep your pet nice and snug this winter.
Winter Coats

One way to keep your cat or dog warm is to purchase a winter coat, especially if your furry friend is small, older, or short haired. 

Cat keeping warm on owners lap

Many dogs and cats have thick fur, but sometimes even the winter air outside and on walks in the cold, can make them feel the chill. A winter coat can help with this! The right pet-coat or jumper will give coverage from the neck to the base of the tail while also giving protection to their belly. 

It is important to make sure your pet’s coat is the right fit and is not restricting any movement. Check out World for Pets range of dog coats to suit all shapes and sizes. 

There is no need to keep a coat on your pet when they are inside enjoying the heater or fireplace with you as you don’t want your pet to overheat either.

Dog with coat on in winter

It is not just cats and dogs that get cold around winter either, our bigger friends such as horses feel the chill as well! Find out how you can help your horse stay warm this winter here.

Horse with winter coat on

Warming up the Bed

As the weather gets colder a lot of dogs and cats tend to spend more time snuggled up on their bed. To keep their bedding suitable, it is important to keep their bed away from drafts and elevated off cold, hard surfaces. Adding extra blankets for warmth and comfort is also recommended. Check out RSPCA World for Pets range of Cat and Dog Beds.

Animals such as birds also feel the cold and often need extra warmth when the air becomes chilly. Find out how to keep your feathery friend warm this winter here. Birds also love their hammocks to keep warm and comfy - check out the range at RSPCA World for Pets.


You can warm your heart this winter too... why not adopt an animal in need today?

Mouse on a blanket

Exercise and Enrichment

Even though the air is cold, your pets still need to get exercise to avoid boredom! Playing indoors with soft toys or a ball is a good way to stay entertained and warm - maybe you could find even get a new plush toy for your furry friend at RSPCA World For Pets.

Another way is to put on your winter coats and head out for a walk. Your dog will still love ‘walkies’ and the exercise will warm you up too! To keep your pooch entertained, another great activity is to use materials from around the house to create a tug toy, follow this simple DIY guide and your pooch will be entertained in no time.

Pocket pets such as Guinea pigs also feel the cold and often need more activities to keep entertained when the air becomes chilly, and also out of the winter wind! You can learn how to keep your pocket pet snug and entertained this winter here. Have a look at some of the bedding options at RSPCA World For Pets to keep them extra snug!

Guinea pigs

Caring for your Older Animals

Cold weather can be harder on our older cats and dogs as the drop in temperature can aggravate joints stiff with arthritis. 

You should be mindful of keeping a healthy exercise regime during winter without over-doing it. It is important to know that dog walks should take no more than 20 minutes a day, over even-ground. 

Extra weight on your pet will only worsen their joint pain. If you notice your pet is showing signs of discomfort associated with arthritis, you should take them to your vet. 

Signs of pain include stiffness, chewing or licking certain joints, difficult walking up or down stairs and noticeable behavioural changes. 

The RSPCA recommend pets go for 6 monthly check-ups to stay on top of any health issues, especially in your pet’s twilight years. Here are some helpful products to help your pet.

If you want to help shelter pets this winter, we are always looking for bedding, blankets, and toys which you can donate to your local RSPCA.

Pets make wonderful friends to snuggle up to in the colder months, so be sure to grab your favourite blankets or matching coats and rug up! If you are looking for a furry friend to keep you warm this winter, check out some of the animals that are waiting for a home here.

Puppy's with coats on

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