Make Your Pooch a Toss Toy

Pet Care Pet Health Dogs Posted Jan 17, 2023
Easy DIYs to keep your dog entertained at home.

An excellent way to utilise old shirts and a great way to keep your pup active and occupied.

Here’s a tip before we get started: Make sure you use things from around the house that are pet safe (no sharps, chemicals, googly eyes, wood, or any other small parts that your pup could swallow).

What You Need:
  1. Old top or T-shirt
  2. Scissors

What To Do:
  1. Cut T-shirt into multiple strands.
  2. Braid strands, either into a single braid or multiple braids.
  3. Tie off the end of the braids with excess strands of T-shirts.
  4. Play fetch with your pup and watch them have the time of their life!

Sarah Barfoot
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