Hands and the hearts that keep the RSPCA going

Posted May 17, 2021
Over 5,000 hard working volunteers are the heart and soul behind RSPCA Queensland. Every May we celebrate National Volunteer Week!

Our volunteers are the reason RSPCA Queensland can save so many lives each year. If you are looking for a new adventure and have a few hours free each week, volunteering with the RSPCA can be a rewarding experience.

Some of our urgent volunteer roles we are looking to fill include roles at Bundaberg, Dakabin and Kingaroy. To help volunteer your time, you can apply for these roles via the following links:

Helping animals in need and meeting new people, it is the perfect adventure! The time you spend helping at the RSPCA makes a valuable difference within the community. The variety of roles are endless, and every single volunteer plays an essential part in helping animals. In the past year alone, volunteers have given up over 550,668 hours of their time to help just in 2019/2020.

Meet some of the extraordinary volunteers that continue to help animals every day!

Meet some of the extraordinary volunteers that continue to help animals every day!

Warren Howard

Warren has been volunteering for almost 7 years and has completed 3,271 volunteer hours! Warren is a volunteer Animal Ambulance driver and assists with dog animal care every Friday.

Warren is a dedicated volunteer who commits to driving one of our Animal Ambulances multiple days a week, he is always ready and willing to do anything. Warren is always a gentleman and one of the best assistants you could ask for. One night when completing an animal rescue, Warren went swimming in a pond in the dark to rescue a bird that was tangled in fishing line. His love for rescuing animals is truly admirable!

RSPCA Queensland volunteer, Warren Howard

He is cool, calm, and collected and can confidently handle stressful situations, even in the dark. A humble man who is always willing to give up his own personal time when we are desperate for extra hours. He is always told how much he is appreciated and the hard work he puts in, and his reply is always the same, “that’s what I’m here for!”

Warren is truly an extraordinary man, always giving a helping hand for the animals that desperately need him.

Amanda Chen

Amanda has been volunteering since February 2019 and has completed over 1,100 volunteer hours! Her roles include: Behaviour and Enrichment support and Customer Experience Concierge. She offers up her Fridays and Saturdays to help animals and visitors at the RSPCA.

While Amanda finds her role incredibly rewarding, it does mean she’s spending a lot of time cleaning up after the animals. The animals certainly appreciate her help in keeping their areas all tidy and clean! Amanda is a hard worker and passionate about helping animals of all shapes and sizes.

RSPCA Queensland volunteer, Amanda Chen

John Emeny

John is an active and caring man who has completed over 1,260 volunteer hours at the RSPCA. He is an Animal Transfer Driver and is constantly out in the community rallying support for the RSPCA in Cairns.

He is always putting his hand up for events or driving animals where they need to go! An advocate for big dogs, the running joke for John is that he is “the large breed rescuer”, but he’s reached his adoption quota with us for now! He is a happy father to four beautiful Great Danes, that’s a lot of couches that he needs to keep free for these gentle giants!

John has helped to increase community engagement with the RSPCA in Cairns, you might have even seen John out and about if you’re a local to the area!

His fundraising efforts have helped to accrue invaluable monetary donations for our charity, as well as donated goods. He is a driving force of the Community Crew up in Cairns and his positivity alone is helping every day to recruit new members! When he is not busy with his own dogs, he is out at the shelter looking after the dogs in our care.

John really puts his heart and soul into helping animals every single day, thanks John!

RSPCA Queensland volunteer, John Emeny

Claire and Carmel Limpus

A mother and daughter duo, Claire and Carmel came into the RSPCA at Wacol on Christmas Day in 2020 to help in the laundry, and ever since they’ve been helping to make a difference by volunteering.

Every Saturday they donate their time to the cats in RSPCA care and have done around 250 volunteer hours each! Claire and Carmel are a very consistent duo who are dedicated to help animals, especially our feline friends.

RSPCA Queensland volunteer, Claire and Carmel

Jordan Knight

Jordan is a reliable man who has been volunteering at the Wacol RSPCA for the past two years. He started in 2019 and now has over 500 volunteer hours. As a Wildlife Ward Support and Reptile Support, Jordan is up every Tuesday bright and early at 4am to volunteer, now that is dedication!

He is a very reliable person and his love for wildlife is admirable. Jordan continues to dedicate time to help scaly friends that need it.

RSPCA Queensland volunteer, Jordan Knight

Janet Ritson

Janet has been volunteering at our Sherwood Op Shop for over 13 years! She started in 2008 and has completed over 2,350 volunteer hours! She is very dedicated to the store and makes all her customers feel extremely welcome. You might have met Janet while shopping!

Janet is very personal with her customers, community minded and dedicated to the store. Her role as Shop Assistant requires her to be in every Monday and Janet always shows up with a smile and determination to help the animals in need.

Without Janet and her enthusiasm, our Sherwood Op Shop would not be as lively or adored by the community.

RSPCA Queensland volunteer, Janet Ritson

Being able to rely on all our amazing volunteers and their hard work is what keeps the RSPCA running smoothly, if you have any spare time, please come and experience the difference you can make by Applying to volunteer today!

Sophie Oxford
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