Australia’s Top 3 Vegan-Friendly Universities

Vegan Friendly Posted Dec 16, 2020
There are many positives to adopting a vegan way of life, but of course it can be a challenge, like finding a good place to eat.

Throughout my own experience while at university, I can say at times it can be difficult to find something to eat and I am often left hungry if I don’t bring my own lunch. Starting university is scary enough without having to worry about finding something to eat every day.

Lucky for some students, a few university campuses have caught onto the vegan lifestyle and have adapted.

A recent study has found the top 3 most vegan-friendly universities.

The winner is the University of Wollongong! With the options being endless; The UniBar’s Faux Shizzle, My Schnitzel and Fillet No Fish burgers being voted as standout meals. Also highly regarded is the chickpea curry and Vietnamese tofu bánh mì from the Little Curry House. You can grab some rice-paper from the Okuma Sushi and Korean Bar, a salad from The Yard UOW, a Veggie Delite sub at Subway, or stir-fried veggies at Kew Thai. The students also have the option to customise their own sandwich, salad, or wrap from Fuel. The university even offers vegan cakes and dairy free smoothies, for students with a sweet tooth, like myself!

Tied in second place is the Australian National University’s Canberra Campus and Adelaide’s Flinders University.

Australian National University’s Canberra campus food co-op features delicious and low-cost vegan lunches every weekday. They also sell a selection of dairy-free cheeses, spreads, and sweets.

Adelaide’s Flinders University offers a diverse range of vegan options including mushroom and lentil pies from The Wholefood Store, dumplings from Kutchi Deli Parwana, the falafel burger from Tavern by Burger Theory, and the tofu bánh mì from Toly Vietnamese.

So, who will be next to cater to younger vegan audiences?

Tahlia McFarlane
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