Two Wheels for 4 Paws

Pet Health Pet Travel Posted Dec 15, 2020
Transporting RSPCA animals across Queensland just became a little bit easier thanks to a generous donation from the Dalwood-Wylie Charitable Foundation.

Volunteer animal transport drivers are always busy at the RSPCA. They frequently transport pets between RSPCA locations and sometimes equipment and vehicles can be unreliable. We’ve had breakdowns over the years which puts pressure on the animals and volunteers, vehicles that become obsolete, and an increased need for more methods of transport.

Donor Helena Wylie saw an opportunity to help our Noosa shelter by donating for the purchase of a new animal transport trailer.

Bohdi relaxing with Helena in the new Cruising Canines trailer.

Helena said, “While I support a variety of charitable causes, animal welfare and protection is one of my top priorities and close to my heart.

“My involvement with animal welfare and in particular the RSPCA began in my childhood.

“I fondly recall putting money in the RSPCA Paw Box with my mother and realised even then what important work the RSPCA was undertaking to save domestic animals from abuse.

“I moved to Sydney in the early 1990's and visited the RSPCA's Sydney Shelter. I met the many wonderful people working at that shelter. Those who are working towards a better world for animals and their treatment.

“Unfortunately, animal abuse and neglect remains prevalent in all states. As Noosa is the place that I now call home, the local Noosa RSPCA in Noosaville is the centre that my organisation the Dalwood-Wylie Charitable Foundation now support.

“For this reason I donated the funds to purchase a purpose built trailer for this specific use. I am delighted with the look of the trailer and its perfect attributes for this important requirement.”

Thanks to the newly donated transport trailer, it makes life a lot easier for the Noosa RSPCA. Now more dogs can be transported to the centre and relocated to other RSPCA locations as well.

The reliable new trailer also means that shelter staff and volunteers can do more community trips with the dogs to local adoption events, and even day trips to the beach - to give the dogs some time out from shelter life while they wait for a new home.

If you’d like to donate to the RSPCA you can call 1300 RSPCA1 (1300 777 221) or 07 3426 9972 or donate online.

Emma Lagoon
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