Remembering Ricky

Animal Welfare Community Speaks Dogs Pet Health Posted Dec 15, 2020
What can we say about Ricky? There are so many words that it's hard to say without choking up: the adorabull & loveabull pittie breaking all breed stigmas.

Ricky escaped his home and was found with serious injuries. The RSPCA vets put him back together again in the hopes he could recover from his ordeal. 

The Council scored him as an American Pit Bull Terrier, a breed which is restricted in Queensland. Pit Bulls that come into RSPCA care that pass medical and behavioural assessments (like any other pet), are transported to our RSPCA friends in the Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory for rehoming. These are the only two areas in Australia where the American Pit Bull Terrier is not a restricted breed to own. If you got to know Ricky like so many of us did, you’d really question that legislation!

Ricky was the happiest of dogs, but he didn’t cope in the kennels (like many dogs in RSPCA care). The kennels can be noisy and a bit overwhelming. So after Ricky’s operation, he was able to spend time in the Marketing office at Wacol - much to his delight!

Ricky loved life, he was gentle, friendly and got along with everyone in the office (some he liked a little ‘too much’ if we’re honest). He was a very affectionate dog. He certainly broke every negative stigma associated with being a Pit Bull. Despite his injuries and the pain medication he was on, Ricky didn’t let that dampen his spirits, he was always very excited to see the volunteers, animal attendants and staff in our office. Everyone he met, he touched their heart.

So as you can imagine, when the prognosis for his injuries and recovery to full health wasn’t good, we were all devastated. The toughest call had to be made for Ricky’s quality of life. Despite being labelled a Pit Bull, the team at the RSPCA did everything possible to try to give him the same chance any other dog would have coming through the hospital doors.

Ricky had wiggled his way into the hearts of many people at the RSPCA, so the news that Ricky had to be put to sleep brought up every emotion possible. Here was a perfectly happy, young dog that had to be euthanised because medically, he wouldn’t recover from his injuries. It was devastating.

Time and time again there are negative stigmas surrounding certain dog breeds, but if anyone got to know Ricky like we did in the short time we had together... in just one minute, their opinions would have changed.

Ricky might have only have been in our care for a short amount of time, but his memory will live on with us forever. He will always have special place at the RSPCA.

Ricky is a constant reminder of why staff and volunteers do what they do each and every day - to make a difference to the lives of animals in need, despite the odds.

Ricky now watches over our other office foster pets that wait for their second chance... ‘Adoreabull & Loveabull, Ricky, the office fidget bum’.

Special thank you to Pets at Rest Qld pet cremation service.

Emma Lagoon
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