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2019 Pop Up Adoption saw 276 dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and guinea pigs find new homes

Hundreds of new adopters have welcomed a pet in need into their home this New Year!

276 dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and guinea pigs found loving new families at the RSPCA’s Pop Up Adoption, held on Saturday 12th January, 2019.

The event was a great success with thousands of people visiting the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition throughout the day, hoping to find their new companion. If you’re still looking for the right pet for you, you can view our pets currently available to adopt right across Queensland here.

RSPCA Ambassadors Emily Seebohm, Andrew McCullough and Jessica Stafford were there on the day showing their support with Jessica as MC at the event for the second time.

RSPCA Ambassador Emily Seebolm Visiting Pop Up AdoptionEmily Seebolm

RSPCA Ambassador Andrew McCullough with a Dog at Pop Up AdoptionAndrew McCullough

RSPCA Ambassador Jessica Stafford speaking at Pop Up AdoptionJessica Stafford

Digit, a young cattle dog puppy, was the star of Pop Up Adoption.

She was hit by a car in Rockhampton in November and her previous owners left her injuries untreated for days and allegedly provided potentially fatal human drugs instead of seeking veterinary expertise.

Brought in by RSPCA Inspectors, Digit received the emergency surgery she needed thanks to generous community donors raising over $6,500 for her care. She had broken back legs, exposed bones in her toes and potentially could have suffered organ failure. For such a young pup, she had a long road to recovery and rehabilitation ahead but she miraculously made a full recovery and was able to attend RSPCA’s Pop Up Adoption. In even better news, Digit has now found a loving family and has been enjoying life with her new owners – even chasing a ball around her new yard within hours.

Family posing with their new adopted dog

Happy Tails

Kimberly says, “We love our new girl”.

Puppy in a New Home after Pop Up Adoption

Layla says, “Today our family added a new addition to the Sinclair clan! The little man who has stolen all of our hearts ‘Buster Sinclair’ was the first animal adopted today!”

Happy pooch in a new home after being adopted

Ellen says, “So happy with our little editions to the fam! Batman and Venom!”

Kittens playing with a ball of string

Natalie says, “We are in love with our new family member”.

Cat adopted from Pop Up Adoption 2019
 If you attended Pop Up Adoption and found a new companion you can email us your happy tail or use #popupadoption #myrspcapet on Instagram.

Emma Lagoon
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