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Community Speaks Pet Care Posted Dec 15, 2020
We see this time and time again, property rentals not allowing people with pets to move in but how much of a problem is it really?

As many of you would be aware, we are constantly having animals surrendered to us because people say they can’t find rental accommodation that will accept pets. 

We’ve accepted this because we know that in the past pet friendly rentals have been difficult to find. But I believe that the situation has changed for the better. 

In fact I’ll go further than that and say that some people simply aren’t looking!

A recent addition to our staff moved up from South Australia. She had five, repeat five (!) pets and managed to find a rental that would accept then within a couple of days. 

Another one of our staff has had her house up for rent for six weeks. Not only is it pet friendly it even has its own catmax! It also has four bedrooms and is priced at just $345 per week. So far she’s only had one enquiry from a person with a pet. 

So what’s going on? I guess it could be that the people searching aren’t very online savvy and don’t know where to look. If that’s the case I suggest they get their six year old to look for them.

So seriously folks if you are looking for pet friendly rentals, look properly. They are out there. Oh yes! And in a shameless plug for the person who wants to rent her pet friendly house in Collingwood Park. Did I mention it has a catmax?! 

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What do you say?

Michael Beatty
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