National Volunteer Week

Volunteering Posted Dec 15, 2020
RSPCA Qld rely on over 5,000 volunteers each year and between the 8th - 14th May it's a time to say thank you!

We have a great team of Ambulance Volunteers working with the Inspectorate Department at RSPCA QLD. 

They cover all aspects of animal transport including rescues, collections, wildlife releases and reunites. We have Volunteers who drive the ambulances, assistants to the Rescue Officers and do the admin work to support the team. 

Across the team there are a number of diverse Volunteers who come from all different backgrounds and walks of life. To name a few, our Townsville Animal Care Centre is currently comprised of an all female team who lead the way up north in making sure that we get our animals rescued and taken into care as soon as possible. 

Kayleen Johnson, Juanita Allen, Pam Stripsky, Tania Hawker, Sharon French are our Ambulance Volunteers up there and we are grateful for their support! 

Above picture is John Hemming and Alan Klahn out looking for a bird that a member of the public had called about. 

In RSPCA's Brisbane Animal Care Centre, we have help from our Admin Volunteers with Janet Davies, Lafaoi Sau, Marelle Woodward, Maria Hielscher, Marlene Burridge and Rachel Mawdsley covering all aspects of our administration needs.  

We have ever changing needs In our team so if you are interested in joining us, please apply to volunteer with RSPCA Queensland today

Adrianne Jamieson
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