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Million Paws Walk Fundraising Donate Posted Apr 3, 2024
Million Paws Walk is on Sunday 26th May! Will you be helping animals in need by joining us?

In 2024 there are a total of 9 walk events in Queensland and we would love to see you and your canine companion in attendance. You can find your nearest location and get tickets here.

Each year we are proud to unite so many likeminded animal lovers who join forces to raise funds for RSPCA animals and help combat animal cruelty. Your support for the walk and fundraising means you are saving the lives of pets like Lilly. You will receive access to your very own online fundraising page upon purchasing your tickets. If you would like free fundraising tips on how to maximise your efforts for animals like Lilly, keep reading below.

Make it pawsonal

You have the special chance to let your personality run free this Million Paws Walk by paw-sonalising your fundraising page - it only takes a couple of short minutes, and it will sure boost your fundraising efforts.

  1. Begin by uploading images of you and your pets.
  2. Write a short blurb on your involvement in this year's Million Paws Walk, like your inspiration behind taking part etcetera. People like to know your personal story and what motivates you.

Share, share, share!

This is your opportunity to spread love and ‘share’ your fundraising information. Share it on social media, email and not to mention your offline world too!

Here are some of our top tips when it comes to making the most of your social media posts for fundraising:

  • Keep the posts clean, concise, and sweet - people do not want to read several paragraphs when scrolling through on their lunch break.
  • Quickly and briefly describe your need and ask people to help you reach your goal, what is in it for them?
  • Include an image, a selfie or a superb shot that sums up your fundraising campaign. An image within the post can help get people’s attention than just text post.
  • Do not ask for donations straight away, try building up to it with your audience. Tell your friends and followers about what you are doing, why and how first (stage your posts every few days like you are creating a story).
  • Ask for shares! To increase the probability of achieving your fundraising goal, broaden your reach beyond your current social media network - ask others to share your post and link to your fundraising page.
Get creative

We are onboard the 'quirky fundraising ideas' train! Try some of these on for size:

  • Ask your colleagues to sacrifice their morning coffees for a week and donate the funds they save in the process to you.
  • Have your mates sponsor an animal for 1 day, with a $36 donation! Ask for donations from the perspective of your pet – “who could say no to those puppy dog eyes?” 
  • As a wonderful way to get some extra steps in ahead of the big walk, offer to walk a friend or neighbour’s pooch in exchange for a donation!
  • Organise a ‘bring your dog to work’ day through your workplace and collect funds. Read our 'take your dog to work' article to find out how to approach your employer.

Create a dream team

You know what they say, the more the merrier! Reach those #squadgoals by locking in all your friends - both the human and furry kind. Working in a team will help you achieve more donations. Check out our Top Dogs making an impact this year!

Don't forget to show your appreciation

Remember to send a massive shout out of thanks and gratitude to your supporters. Whether it was a small or large donation, or even if they simply cheered you on, let them know how thankful you are.

Support from afar

If you cannot make your local walk, there is still an opportunity for you to help by joining our virtual fundraiser for the month of May or donating to support animals in need.

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