Environmental Sustainability Meets Animal Welfare

Posted Dec 15, 2020
RSPCA Qld has partnered with Re.Group for the launch of the ReCollect App, a game-changing recycling initiative

Do you ever daydream about unleashing your inner philanthropist by saving the planet and joining the fight against animal cruelty? Perhaps you’ve already thought about it but are strapped for cash or short on time. Well, we’re thrilled to inform you your philanthropic dreams are not only valid, but achievable. Your dreams of rescuing both the environment and the animals are just a tap away with the new ReCollect App. 

RSPCA Queensland is teaming up with Re.Group, an Australian development and management company fighting the good fight against waste by promoting positive recycling habits. Re.Group have successfully reimagined the way we recycle in Queensland. Instead of driving to collection centres and waiting for your containers to be counted, recycling collectors come to you on-demand! You can collect eligible containers such as cans, bottles and plastic containers and request for them to be picked up without ever having to leave your home. “RSPCA Qld is proud to be a part of this initiative that helps Queenslanders make a very real difference in the ongoing fight against pollution,” said RSPCA Qld spokesperson Michael Beatty. 

So, how can you help the animals by recycling with the ReCollect App? All you need to do is nominate RSPCA Qld as your chosen charity within the app. In return, for every eligible container you recycle, 5c will go towards the 54,000 animals we care for every year! There is no limit to what your donation could mean for an animal in need. Whether it goes towards medicine for a koala recovering from surgery, or towards toys and bedding for an orphaned puppy, every container will count towards a positive change.

The sign-up process is simple and doesn’t require any bank account details. You can use our link to download the ReCollect App and sign up for free. Once your collection of eligible containers has grown and you’re ready to recycle them, login to the app and book a collection from your house, unit, or business address. You don’t even need to be there during the collection. Instead, you can leave a message to let the collector know where to find the containers, such as ‘behind the letterbox’.

Remember to nominate RSPCA Qld as your charity of choice! Together we can minimise cruelty to both our planet and our animals. 

Sarah Barfoot
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