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Volunteering Posted Dec 15, 2020
5,000 hard working volunteers help save RSPCA Queensland approximately $8.5m per annum! With National Volunteer Week from 21st - 27th May we will be showcasing and thanking those that work so hard to help animals in need. 

Our volunteers have a variety of roles and whether you’re an animal attendant in one of our shelters, a call centre operator working directly with the public, an op shop retail assistant selling pre-loved treasures, a marketing team member preparing the magazine or an animal ambulance driver out in the field; each of our volunteers have an important role in supporting and improving the lives of all creatures great and small. The support has helped approximately 50,000 abused, abandoned and injured animals that come into our care every year. 

Want to be a part of something life changing? Apply to become an RSPCA volunteer today!

Check out some of our volunteers and what they do below:

Mark Seeley

The most enjoyable part of my role with the RSPCA is seeing the way the dogs change throughout their time here. Although in my section, dogs are often quite different from one Sunday to the next, there are the odd few which are there for several weeks. The change in their nature is quite inspiring. The RSPCA has opened my eyes to the amount of animal cruelty out in the world and ensured that I spend the rest of my life guaranteeing that animals are treated with kindness and respect.

Gail Dalby

The last three years has been rewarding and educational; at times sad and happy and always with tears of joy when one of our dogs goes ‘home’. I have met some wonderful, inspirational people who work so hard to ensure that our dogs and cats, and all animals in the shelter are well and as comfortable as they can be. It is a huge responsibility when you care so much for their welfare and I know it must take a toll. But animals have a way of making you feel better and smile too, with their ‘goofy’ personalities, ridiculous ways of laying on their beds, toothy grins, never ending tail wags, ‘zoomies’ in the yard, and best of all - sloppy doggy kisses. Yes, I think it’s the sloppy doggy kisses that keeps me volunteering every week.

Noel Roberts

I like the fact that every day is different. From the moment we open the doors, you never know what you’re in for. I work in reception handling adoptions, reclaims, surrenders, returns, wildlife, answering phones and dealing with dozens of questions every day! Most days you experience the whole gamut of emotions from excitement to despair and sadness.

I’ve always been an animal lover but now I’m passionate about animal welfare. I’m also passionate about the work the RSPCA does. Like many people, I had a very limited understanding of the RSPCA before I started volunteering, now I’m its greatest supporter.

Tayla Waldron

It sounds cliché, but the most rewarding part about being an RSPCA volunteer is having the opportunity to see an animal that has never had a loving home, come into the shelter and completely turn around and transform into an animal ready to be rehomed. Being able to wear the uniform feels like such a privilege and honour and if I had my time again I wouldn't change being a volunteer for RSPCA Queensland.

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