The True Cost of Adoption Fees

Animal Welfare RSPCA Inspectors Rehome Adopt a Pet Posted Nov 20, 2019
Through just one photo I knew the situation was dire and had to ask, “Wait, is that dog even alive?”
A little survivor
Little Gracie was near death when our Inspectors found her at a property. 

Gracie Boston Terrier rescued RSPCA Queensland

It turns out she was alive, and it was a miracle that she was found in time. Here is just what Gracie’s first few days looked like after she was rescued by RSPCA Inspectors. 
Day of Rescue – September 10

Gracie was triaged at the property. She was in a critical condition and transported to RSPCA Queensland's Animal Hospital at Wacol for emergency treatment. 

Upon admittance to the veterinary services team, Gracie was weak and unable to stand unaided.

Blood tests revealed that Gracie had severe anaemia. Treatment began on Gracie, including a blood transfusion.

Gracie Boston Terrier receiving Vet Treatment

Day after Rescue – September 11

Gracie was in a critical but stable condition and on intravenous fluids. Repeat blood tests showed an improvement in blood levels.

Gracie the Boston Terrier having a bath

Day three – September 12

Repeat blood tests showed a regenerative blood count (Gracie was beginning to be able to make her own red blood cells). She was also now eating and taken off intravenous fluids.

Gracie was now on the mend and had begun her journey to recovery.

Boston Terrier Gracie rescued

What's in an Adoption Fee?

It is not uncommon for us to be asked, “Why is that pet’s adoption fee higher than others.”

The simple answer, because that pet’s adoption fee will help cover the costs associated with caring for hundreds of other pets that aren’t as ‘desirable’ in the public view.

Little Gracie here for example is 7 months old, and a breed of dog highly sought after (along with many other small breeds and ‘purebreds’).

Our Bull Arabs, Staffies, darker coloured dogs, older pets, pets with medical or behavioural indemnities - all end up waiting months and even much longer. So with Gracie’s adoption fee, we can continue to care for these pets while they also wait for their families.

We’d love to think that every person doesn’t judge a pet by how they look, but we know that is simply not true.

What’s the great thing about an adoption fee? Those funds come straight back to animal welfare and caring for animals in need, AND ensuring our Inspectorate can continue to investigate animal cruelty and save pets like Gracie.

Here’s an average breakdown of what it costs to get just one dog in RSPCA care ready for adoption:

True cost of RSPCA Queensland Adoption Fee

If you are looking to add a companion to your family, adopt a pet from the RSPCA or consider becoming an animal foster carer today. There are also many other ways you can help the RSPCA continue to save lives.

Emma Lagoon
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