From hope to home: Your adoption checklist

Posted Apr 15, 2024
Consider the following tips before finding your perfect companion.

There is no greater feeling than first meeting, interacting with and choosing to adopt your 'furever' pet.

Before you take your new companion home to begin your lives together, be sure to consider what you need to first set them up at home, and their ongoing pet care needs.

Ongoing pet care needs

There are several costs involved with having a pet. Some initial expenses you will need to consider when getting a cat or dog include vaccination, microchipping and desexing. But the great thing about adopting a pet – the adoption fee has this covered for you!

Additionally, your new companion will need ongoing quality pet food every day, veterinary health checks every year, care when you are away, toys and bedding, and more - for the life of your animal. If an accident or emergency were to happen, you will also need to ensure you can pay for any emergency veterinary treatment required. This is where pet insurance can give you peace of mind.

The costs associated with your pet will differ depending on the type of animal and breed you choose. Remember that animals can be an expensive addition to your family. Dogs with exaggerated features (such as brachycephalic breeds like pugs and bulldogs) usually require specialised veterinary care to help them to be more comfortable and to improve their quality of life; this can be expensive. Remember to do your research before getting a pet. Here are some helpful RSPCA resources – RSPCA Kitten Guide, RSPCA Puppy Guide.

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What you will need to take home for your new pet

Some essential items to consider include collars, leads, travel carriers, flea and worming treatments, bedding, toys and pet food. For cats it’s always a good idea to get some scratching posts and hidey holes.

We also have some great ideas so you can do-it-yourself for your new companion! DIY Cat Scratching Post, DIY Snuffle mat for your dog.

When you adopt an RSPCA dog, cat, kitten or puppy, the following items are included in your adoption kit:

  • 4kg Bag of Royal Canin Dry Food and measuring cup for dogs, and for cats a 2kg bag of Royal Canin Indoor Cat Food
  • A 25% discount voucher on Royal Canin dry food
  • 2kg bag of CatMate Litter (for cats and kittens)

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Here are some other items to consider when taking home small pets and farm animals.

Items to consider when taking home your guinea pigs:

  • Bedding
  • Food bowls
  • Cage cleaner
  • Drinking bottle
  • Hay rack
  • Nail trimmers
  • Appropriate snake-proof enclosure that suits the number of guinea pigs

Read more enrichment ideas for your guinea pig here

For reptiles:

  • An enclosure that will suit their growth over the years
  • Heat and lighting
  • Insects (for diet)
  • Assorted leafy vegetables (for diet)
  • Water for bathing and drinking

Read more tips for reptile care here

For birds:

  • Food bowl
  • Toys
  • Water bowl
  • Appropriate snake-proof enclosure that suits your bird’s size

Here are some enrichment ideas for your birds too!

For farm animals (pigs, sheep and chickens and more):

  • Sturdy and secure shelter
  • Constant supply of fresh, clean water
  • Balanced diet of mixed grains, vegetables
  • Adequate space to roam
  • Enrichment activities to stimulate their mind and body
  • Regular cleaning of their living area to maintain hygiene and prevent disease
Shopping with RSPCA and adoption benefits

There is a one-stop-shop available to you for your pet's needs, in-store and online!

World For Pets is 100% RSPCA-owned. Our team has an extensive supply of pet products for your needs.

This also means that every dollar you spend with us also helps animals in our care right now. Whether you prefer to shop in-store at Wacol or online, World for Pets provides you with a wide range of popular pet brands and products at competitive prices.

When you adopt, your new pet will be prepared to take on the world thanks to complementary products from MSD Animal Health (Bravecto) for your pet’s treatment of fleas, worms, heartworm and ticks in cats and dogs.

Your new dog or cat can also continue to eat the same food when they get to your home thanks to Royal Canin’s free bag of pet food included upon adoption. All Royal Canin products use extremely high-quality proteins which are rigorously selected and controlled throughout the manufacturing process.

Black and white puppy with a bag of Royal Canin puppy food

If you adopt a cat or kitten, thanks to CatMate you’re also set with their litter needs while you settle them into their new home.

There are lots of items that still need to be purchased to ensure your new addition to the family has the best start in their forever home. Luckily, World for Pets can assist you in the search for all the things you need, including adoption packs which will be available for purchase from the World for Pets Wacol store and at RSPCA Queensland shelters.

There are adoption packs for cats and dogs of all shapes and sizes, including:

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