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Animal Cruelty Animal Welfare RSPCA Inspectors Posted May 19, 2021
Is your suburb on the list? Our 2019 report showed cruelty cases are on the rise, with some suburbs exceeding 200 complaints.

In 2019, we received a total of 18,692 complaints about animal cruelty and neglect, almost eight hundred more than the previous year. It’s disappointing to see the number of cruelty cases are on the rise.

“Obviously it’s not good news,” said RSPCA Qld spokesperson Michael Beatty. "You want the numbers to be decreasing not rising. Our Inspectors are already operating under an enormous workload.”

335 cases went before the courts with charges laid under the Animal Care and Protection Act.

What sort of complaints did we receive?

The top cruelty complaints we received included the following issues:

  • animals with insufficient food and water
  • poor living conditions
  • animals being tethered and not receiving exercise
  • abandonment
  • injuries not being treated
  • animals looking in poor condition.

There were also nearly a thousand calls regarding heat stress - either the animal was left in a hot car or it couldn’t reach shade and water in the yard. This is a disturbing statistic – Queensland’s heat is deadly and animals need to be able to stay cool.

Have you checked out your suburb?

The cruelty statistics were collected by suburb, and sadly Caboolture once again topped the list with over 200 complaints.

Next was Redbank Plains (141) and Inala (126).

The majority of suburbs (68%) recorded less than 10 complaints, but sadly we had 54 suburbs with more than 50 complaints.

A total of 1,749 suburbs had at least one cruelty case – how did your suburb fare? See how many cruelty complaints we received from your suburb by checking out the interactive Google Map.

Click on the pins to see the total number of cruelty cases.

2019 RSPCA QLD Cruelty Complaints Map

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