For the Love of Pets: Season finale includes adorable kittens, feuding alpacas and a doggy makeover

Animals Animal Welfare Cats Dogs Posted Jan 16, 2024
Did you miss out on watching the wholesome conclusion to everyone's favourite animal welfare TV show For the Love of Pets? We have your final preview and a message of thanks in case you missed it.

Staff at the picturesque RSPCA Noosa Care Centre on the Sunshine Coast could not contain their excitement about Caturday! A special adoption day which shelter manager Nicole and her staff have arranged with the support of the local community. The team hopes to make room at the shelter by finding furever homes for six adorable kittens and five senior cats. The fun day turns out to be an absolute hit given the early arriving and eager adopters, especially for the cats who are in high demand.

However, its not all fun and games back in Brisbane where a Maltese cross, Dougie, has lived at RSPCA for 10 weeks. He arrived in a badly neglected state with filthy teeth, a matted coat and both eyes needing emergency surgery. Dr Katherine diagnosed Dougie with what vets call 'Cherry eye' and she had to operate immediately to stop it from rupturing. After a successful procedure, things might finally be looking up for Dougie who is proving to be quite the snuggly lapdog winning hearts all over the campus.

Meanwhile, 93-year-old Rhonda has found herself in the middle of a bitter feud between her two pet Alpacas, Gabriel and Houdini. She shares her home with the pair, however, with Gabriel no longer getting along with his mate, Rhonda decided to rehome him via RSPCA. It’s no easy decision for Rhonda, a devoted and life-long animal lover, as her pets have been a cherished part of her life. Knowing how sad Rhonda was to see one of her boys leave, the RSPCA team pay her a visit to check on Houdini and present her with a little reminder of her boy Gabriel.

With Season 2 of For the Love of Pets complete, we cannot help but marvel at all of the heartwarming stories, dedicated RSPCA teams and the incredible bonds we have built with our viewers.

RSPCA Adoption Manager Nellie Worringham perfectly summarised things when she said her job consisted of long hours and emotive work.

"I love working together with our vet, behaviour and shelter teams to reach the best outcome for every animal entrusted to us. The best feelings in the world are seeing animals bring joy to the humans who adopt them," says Ms Worringham.

The passion and commitment of our teams have been the driving force behind every success story, every happy tail.

We just wanted to say a massive thank you and congratulations to the amazing film crew who skilfully brought magic from behind-the-scenes into your living rooms. Their ability to be a fly on the wall and capture the essence of everyday workings of RSPCA has been nothing short of impressive. The laughter, tears and profound moments of our journey were woven together perfectly which created a series which truly resonated.

To our viewers, thank you for joining us on this adventure! Your support has made Series 2 a success. If you missed any episodes or want to relive the magic, head over to 9NOW.

Here's to the families who chose to adopt and give these animals a second chance at finding forever homes, the dedicated teams making it happen and the connections formed during Series 2. Let's carry the love for pets forward, until we meet again (hopefully for a Season 3).

Jacobbe McBride
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