How To Report Animal Cruelty?

RSPCA Inspectors Queensland Law Rescue Posted May 7, 2021
Find out what to do if you have witnessed an act of animal cruelty or noticed an animal that has obviously been neglected.

RSPCA Qld urges anyone who witnesses an act of animal cruelty, or notices an animal that has obviously been neglected, to report it to the RSPCA. You can do this by calling our animal hotline on 1300 ANIMAL (264 625) or lodge your complaint online.

Animal cruelty is a serious offence and carries a 3 year maximum term of imprisonment and for this we do ask that you include as much information as possible including the exact location and address and, if there is a car involved, the make and licence plate of the car. You can also take a photo, but only if it is safe to do so.

This is how a cruelty complaint is handled by the RSPCA, please click to download a copy for yourself.

When lodging a cruelty complaint online if you haven't received an acknowledgement email within 7 days please email [email protected] to notify us. Our Cruelty inbox is monitored from 7am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. If your enquiry is made outside these hours and the concern would be considered life threatening, please contact RSPCA Qld's Customer Service Team on 1300 852 188.

Due to privacy laws, RSPCA Qld Inspectors are not able to provide a detailed update on investigations even if you were the first person to lodge the complaint. However, if you do notice the situation has or hasn't changed from your original cruelty complaint, please keep us informed by calling or email [email protected]. Your community assistance helps us stay informed.

Emma Lagoon
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