Big hearts save Barney

Animals Animal Welfare Pet Care RSPCA Inspectors Posted Jun 3, 2024
Poor Barney came to RSPCA care with a very sore, painful skin condition. But his luck was about to change...

Despite his discomfort, beautiful Barney was in safe, loving hands at the RSPCA because people like you reading this now, care enough to support animals in need.

When Barney first arrived at the RSPCA, he just wanted to curl up in his new bed and wait for the day when the pain would end… But he had many dedicated carers who were helping him steadily overcome his sorry state.

Barney was in a very painful condition

Barney’s gentle and affectionate nature started to shine through once he began to feel a bit better in RSPCA care.

And sometimes our staff take on extra work at home to help animals like Barney get the care they need to recover…

That was the case when our Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr Anne Chester, took Barney under her wing at home so he could get the dedicated veterinary support he needed for the long months ahead. With regular medicated washes and pain relief, Barney started his journey to recovery.

Barney even got to travel to work with Anne where his rescuers and carers were all too happy to greet him on his daily outings.

Barney during his recovery

Because of your love for animals and your support of RSPCA Queensland, Barney’s sore skin has now been soothed and can now be easily managed. Can you help support other animals like Barney who have nowhere else to turn?

Today, Barney is a completely different dog! He’s free from his painful past and able to live his best life. He also recently found his forever family.

Barney’s new chapter is now in a wonderful home where he also has a doggy best friend to keep him company.

All he needs nowadays is his comfy suit that he wears outside with sunscreen for protection, and his doting forever family.

Barney may always look like a hairless dog, he may even grow a little bit of hair back, but he’s now pain free and happy as can be thanks to incredible RSPCA supporters.

Barney has now recovered and has found his forever family

Please, help us continue to support animals like Barney that have no home to call their own right now.

Your kind donation means once unloved animals can feel the love they truly deserve and receive the care and support they need to start their own road to recovery.

Emma Lagoon
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