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Spike in abandonment reports to RSPCA.

A caring member of the public found one-year-old Charlie the dog in January. He had been abandoned at a dog park in Ipswich with a note stuck to his collar. They brought him straight into RSPCA’s Wacol facility for care.

The note left with Charlie implied if he stayed where he was that he would be harmed.

"This is incredibly sad to hear for Charlie and his family. If you’re experiencing domestic violence or have concerns for your pet, please reach out for help," says RSPCA Qld Spokesperson Emma Lagoon.

Note left with Charlie

Since 2005 in partnership with DV Connect, RSPCA Queensland’s Pets in Crisis Program, supported by the Petbarn Foundation and the Queensland Government, has supported dozens of people and their pets every month who are fleeing domestic or family violence.

Charlie isn’t the only pet that has been abandoned this year with the cost-of-living crisis seeing an increase in abandonment reports of all types of animals to RSPCA Inspectorate.

Since April 2023, RSPCA Queensland has received 2,186 reports of dogs being abandoned or abandoned with other welfare concerns.

"We receive anywhere from 100 to over 200 complaints every month. While the trends increase during school holidays and some can be associated with barking complaints, it’s still concerning if any animal is being dumped," says Ms Lagoon.

Charlie wasn’t coping with shelter life when he first arrived at the RSPCA, but he came out of his shell and started to relax when he got to spend time with people in the RSPCA offices. He’s now been placed into a home with loving foster parents Andrew and Michelle, so he can adjust to a life in a home while he waits to be adopted.

Andrew and Michelle have been fostering for the RSPCA for the past 5 years. They’ve always taken on dogs that need a bit of extra support in a loving home environment and have cared for about 30 dogs so far.

"We are truly thankful to our foster carers that open their homes and hearts to animals in need, Charlie is testament to how their love and extra support changes lives and gets pets back into homes faster," says Ms Lagoon.

Andrew and Michelle, Charlie's foster carers

Charlie is an affectionate dog, eager to please, loves his pats and treats and is available to adopt. Given his age and unsettling start to life, having someone who is home regularly that he can bond to would be ideal so he can continue to blossom.

Charlie is available for adoption

The RSPCA says not to be afraid to seek assistance for your pets. "If you need help with an animal, please reach out. There is no shame is asking for help. We have Community Outreach programs and our Pets in Crisis program available to pet owners in need."

The RSPCA team is hoping to see Charlie find his new family in time to walk at their annual Million Paws Walk fundraiser on May 26 this year – celebrating 30 years!

"We have 9 locations across Queensland where you can bring your pet or walk solo to support animals like Charlie and help fight animal cruelty."

Visit Million Paws Walk to receive discounted walk tickets and sign up to fundraise for the RSPCA.

Emma Lagoon
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