Dramatic rescues & heartwarming adoptions: Episode 4 has it all

Animals Animal Welfare Cats Dogs Posted Dec 8, 2023
With episode four of Australia's favourite animal docuseries For the Love of Pets right around the corner, let's take a sneak peek at what's coming up this week.

Episode four begins with a tall order for our RSPCA rescue team. After over a week of failed attempts, we were called in to save a cat stuck atop a towering gum tree. In what turns out to be a challenging and dramatic rescue, you will watch as the terrified feline finally makes it into our care. Following some TLC to recover both physically and emotionally from the ordeal, our teams hard work pays off as they start to see the sweeter, softer side of the cat they nicknamed 'Fudge'.

Meanwhile, RSPCA vets are kept busy with both dogs and cats coming into care at risk of toxic reactions. First up it's a Bengal cat named Duke, whose owner fears a poisonous encounter with a Cane Toad has put the feline's life at risk. Next, Labradoodle Delilah has her mum and dad concerned after she ate six ibuprofen tablets. Finally, Keiko the rescue dog is rushed to RSPCA after wolfing down an entire packet of raisins.

A Cavoodle puppy named Mace has caught the eye of many would-be adopters following his arrival at RSPCA. But our Adoption team soon find out that the very bouncy little guy isnt going to be quite so easy to find his forever home. Following two unsuccessful matches, will Mace find true love at our picturesque Noosa Animal Care Centre on the Sunshine Coast?

In episode three you met and fell in love with the stories of a domesticated Muscovy duck, a dog named Lettie and Sandy the chocolate Labrador.

Now you can meet one of our most devoted RSPCA foster carers you didn’t get the chance to see last episode, Sue.

Sue might make foster caring look fun and easy, but for her it is much more than kitten cuddles and numerous stints of short-term animal care.

Sue knows that foster caring can be a lifeline for animals in need who are recovering from surgery or medical conditions, overcoming behavioural issues, spending time out of shelter, or simply just waiting until they are old enough for desexing, vaccinations and adoption. This is your chance to take an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at one of our foster caring heroes in action! If you have what it takes to become a foster carer, we need you too!.

For the Love of Pets Episode 4 airs on Channel 9 on Friday at 7.30pm. Or catch up on 9 Now.

Jacobbe McBride
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