Cruelty Complaint Hotspots: how animal-friendly was your suburb in 2021?

Animals RSPCA Inspectors Posted Jan 26, 2022
While 2021 continued to see COVID-19 climate impacts, 744 fewer cruelty complaints were reported to RSPCA Queensland last year compared to 2020.

This reducing trend year-on-year is described as a “positive sign” by RSPCA Queensland spokesperson, Emma Lagoon. But the 16,331 animal welfare cases investigated across the state, continued to keep RSPCA Inspectors busy.

Ms Lagoon says, “Organisationally, we are increasingly focusing on preventative programs, like Operation Wanted, aiming to address the root cause of animal welfare issues within our communities.”

What sort of complaints did we receive in 2021?

The top cruelty complaints we received included the following issues:

  • Animals in poor condition
  • Animals with insufficient food and water
  • Poor living conditions
  • Animals being tethered and not receiving exercise
  • Animal cruelty
  • Animals without veterinary treatment
  • Abandoned animals
  • Animals without shelter
  • Heat stress
How animal-friendly is your neighbourhood?

1,613 suburbs had at least one animal welfare complaint reported in 2021. 51 of those had over 50 animal welfare reports made to RSPCA Queensland.

Unfortunately, Caboolture continues to lead the list with 193 animal welfare complaints in 2021, an 8% increase. Morayfield follows with 140 along with Redbank Plains, both continuing similar trends. Despite Inala’s complaints dropping in 2020 by 37%, the suburb had 129 reports made to the RSPCA last year, a 60% increase.

“While some suburbs have seen a reduction in cruelty complaints compared to last year, there is still more work to be done. This year we will increase our focus on supporting communities in complaint hotspot suburbs. Through community outreach programs, we aim to address the root causes of animal welfare issues through education and support with primary pet care needs and services,” Ms Lagoon says.

Despite having over 50 welfare complaints, Kallangur, Pimpama and Brassall have seen 37% to 38% reductions in complaints last year which is promising for animals in those suburbs.

Suburbs with over 50 cruelty complaints that have had marked increases include Newtown and Wynnum. Newtown had just four welfare complaints in 2020 up to 85 last year. Wynnum has also seen a spike with 55 welfare reports this year compared to 27 complaints in 2020.  

“We hope that increased reports to our team about welfare concerns also means people are becoming savvier and more proactive in their suburbs and notifying our 1300 ANIMAL hotline when they have concerns,” Ms Lagoon says.

How did your suburb stack up? Check out our interactive Google Map to see how many complaints were received from your suburb and how things look around the state. Simply zoom in and click on the suburb pins to see the total number of cruelty cases for each area.

2021 RSPCA Qld Cruelty Complaints Hotspots
How you can help?

With 25 Inspectors across the state, RSPCA Queensland relies heavily on the community to report welfare concerns to assist animals in need. Investigations play a large role in the day to day operations for Inspectors, but educational welfare checks are also imperative and an important part of what they do. Last year, RSPCA Inspectors issued over 380 Animal Welfare Directions and conducted routine follow ups to ensure animals were receiving appropriate care and treatment from their owners.

If you see an animal welfare concern, report it to RSPCA Queensland on 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625) or email [email protected]. What happens after you report a welfare concern? Read more here.

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