No pet should be unwanted

Animals Cats Dogs Donate Rescue Posted May 7, 2021
Thousands of homeless pets are waiting in animal shelters because they weren’t wanted.

Puppies and kittens are adorable, but there are already thousands of homeless pets waiting in animal shelters right across Australia. Sadly, part of that reason is because owners didn’t have their pets desexed.

Each year the RSPCA sees pregnant pets surrendered, unwanted litters brought in, stray litters of puppies and kittens needing help; all impacting shelters and councils right across the state. Under 50% of adult cats and dogs that enter our shelters are desexed!

No pet should be unwanted.

The RSPCA’s desexing initiative, Operation Wanted, has started again in 2018. From June 1 – August 31 you can take advantage of 20% off cat and dog desexing at participating vets in Queensland! Last year we saw 20,000 animals desexed at participating clinics during the campaign.

Now in its 5th year, the 3 month campaign has 184 vets offering their local communities discounted dog and cat desexing – from Goondiwindi and Charleville right up to Mossman.

“Every year we have a terrific reaction from Queensland residents and we’d like to thank participating vets and councils that have already signed up again in 2018 to offer the discount. It’s the vets and the shire councils who help drive the campaign in their communities and make it a success,” said RSPCA Qld spokesperson Michael Beatty.

There are many benefits associated with pet desexing which pet owners may not be aware of.

  • No risk of unwanted litters
  • Reduces their desire to roam
  • Reduces the risk of some cancers
  • Reduces other unwanted behaviours such as urine spraying (cats)
  • Cheaper Council registration fees
  • Allows pets to be happier and more relaxed

On May 21, RSPCA Inspectors were called to investigate property where it was alleged that approximately 30 dogs were living in inappropriate conditions. As a result, 18 dogs were surrendered to RSPCA, one of those was Narla who was pregnant. Recently she gave birth do a litter of pups. Narla is only a young dog, and her experience could have been avoided if she was desexed.

If you want to ensure your pet doesn’t have any unexpected litters, take advantage of 20% off desexing with your local vet until August 31! Register here to receive your desexing discount. You’ll be helping to ensure pets like Narla have a brighter future.

Emma Lagoon
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