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Surgery can be expensive, and little Gem's story is only possible thanks to generous people like you who bake and fundraise this August for RSPCA Cupcake Day!

Found on the streets with sore ears, little Gem was just two-months-old and in need of a loving place to call home. The RSPCA Rescue Team brought her in for veterinary care.

No one came forward to reclaim Gem, so the caring RSPCA vets conducted x-rays and medical exams to learn how they could help Gem get a second chance.

Little Gem had very swollen ears. She had aural haematomas. Both of her ears required surgery to fix this painful condition. She also had an internal ear infection causing her discomfort that needed medication.

After Gem underwent surgery to fix her haematomas, she still needed to rest and recuperate for two weeks in RSPCA care.

This sweet girl made a full recovery a month after she came into RSPCA and is now pain-free.

This August, you can help ensure that sick or injured animals like Gem have a place to receive care.

With 96% of our funding coming from animal lovers like you, please help by signing up to fundraise for RSPCA Cupcake Day!

How $57 helps
By raising $57, you can provide one week of vital antibiotics for an animal like Gem recovering from emergency surgery.

How $150 helps
By raising $150, you'll be helping to desex an abandoned puppy like Gem, so they're ready to find their forever home.

How $350 helps
Raising $350 helps keep our Inspectors and Rescue Teams on the road to assist sick, injured and abused animals.

Sweet Gem is still waiting for her forever home after being overlooked for adoption a few times. We're hopeful her new family isn't too far away and ready to give this beautiful girl the life she deserves.

Sign up for RSPCA Cupcake Day this August and help fight animal cruelty with fellow animal lovers!

Emma Lagoon
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