Five Puppies Dumped

Desex Your Pet Operation Wanted Rescue Animal Welfare Posted May 7, 2021
It’s hard to believe that these are the little faces of being unwanted

Five pups were found dumped on the driveway of a local vet. Sadly one puppy did not survive. The remaining four puppies were on death’s door.

The RSPCA were called to assist and investigate.

Once in our care, the veterinary team were quick to act. Vet Nurse Rohan said, “They were in terrible condition, close to death. One puppy was collapsed with agonal breathing. They were emaciated, dehydrated and had thick, bloody diarrhoea all over their coats. The most alarming symptom was the colour of their gums. Gums should be a nice healthy pink colour, but these pups’ gums were a stark white, the colour of a sheet of paper.”

All puppies had to have a blood transfusion if they were to have a chance of survival.  

Despite the efforts of our veterinary team, two puppies sadly didn’t make it. Both puppies were unloved, had no names and were unwanted. But at the RSPCA they found love, albeit, just too late.

Two puppies remained, and luckily they slowly improved. They were the sole survivors of the five pups left dumped in a box.

Vet Nurse Rohan said that after their blood transfusion the two remaining pups were much brighter and started on medication to treat their hookworm. “Things were a little messy for a while because they continued to have diarrhoea until the hookworm medication took effect, so there were quite a few baths for those first few days. Five days later, the vet team decided the pups were well enough to be discharged from the hospital into the care of a foster parent.”

These tragedies are preventable...

One simple operation would have eased the suffering of these little pups from the beginning, if their mum (wherever she may be) was desexed. With appropriate care and worming, all of these pups would have survived.

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Now named Patch and Elsa, the two surviving puppies were placed into foster care with Shayna Jack so they could start to live a normal life. Shayna said, “At first, you could see how timid they were as they had gone through so much at such a young age, but with a little time and lots of love, we watched as their personalities blossomed.”

“Patch was always the boss, she had so much energy and was always looking to play with Hugo and her sister Elsa. Patch was fearless. Elsa was the quiet one, she loved to cuddle and be present with everything you were doing. She grew out of her shell the more she interacted with my boy Hugo and it was so beautiful to see how much of a difference we have made in these two amazing dogs lives at such an early stage. We gave them hope and support and they flourished from there on.”

Why is desexing so important?

It’s not just because pets end up unwanted at the RSPCA and pounds, it’s also because people that have unexpected litters are not geared up to provide the appropriate care for animals that are born, this is why they end up being dumped, straying or surrendered. It costs to care for an animal, we want to see all pets in loving homes for their whole life. Desexing prevents unexpected litters, costs and stress.

So if you think it couldn’t happen to you, think again. Unplanned litters are common, and not every animal has a loving home to go to.

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We’re pleased to say that Patch and Elsa made a full recovery from their ordeal and have since gone on to find loving new families where they will be loved and wanted for the rest of their lives.

Emma Lagoon
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