“Our pets feel the cold too, but there are simple ways you can help them keep warm as temperatures drop,” says RSPCA Queensland spokesperson Emma Lagoon.

Tips to remember:

  • Keep your pet protected from the wind and draugh'ts by bringing them indoors, keeping them rugged up, elevating their bedding, and moving small pet enclosures out of the elements.
  • Provide extra blankets and warm bedding. Dog and horse coats help this time of year.
  • Keep watch over your senior pets as they may have issues with arthritis and mobility.

RSPCA Queensland’s Chief Veterinarian, Dr Anne Chester says it is important to remember elderly pets in winter, “If you notice your pet is showing signs of discomfort associated with arthritis, you should take them to your vet.

“Some symptoms could include stiffness, chewing or licking certain joints, difficult walking up or down stairs and noticeable behavioural changes.” 

For more winter tips for your pet, visit the RSPCA website.

RSPCA Queensland is calling for donations across their shelters for blankets and dog coats.

“When you’re caring for hundreds of pets every day, our teams are always in need of fresh bedding, coats and blankets. Any blankets and large dog coats animal lovers can spare will be greatly appreciated!” says Ms Lagoon.


In most need at your nearest RSPCA:

  • Brisbane – blankets, large dog coats, small wall heaters
  • Toowoomba – blankets and large dog coats
  • Dakabin – blankets and medium and large dog coats
  • Noosa – medium and large dog coats
  • Kingaroy – blankets
  • Gympie – large dog coats and towels
  • Mackay – blankets and large dog coats
  • Bundaberg – blankets and medium and large dog coats
  • Cairns – towels and sheets
  • Townsville – heat pads/discs for neonate kittens in foster care.
  • Rockhampton – small heaters