"I cannot think of too many scenarios that involved such significant cruelty to animals over such an extended period of time"

RSPCA Queensland's senior inspector prosecutions, Georgia Sakrzewski 

Greyhound trainer Tom Noble, aged 69 from North Gatton avoided jail on Tuesday morning after 15 counts of animal cruelty. Ipswich District Court judge Alexander Horneman-Wren sentenced Noble for 3 years but suspended the sentencing due to ill-health and family trauma. 

RSPCA Qld's senior inspector prosecutions Georgia Sakrzewski said she had hoped Mr Noble would see jail time, as an "example". “Somebody who has done something so serious over such a long period of time, for them to receive three years and not go to prison, I would absolutely consider that to be a setback,” she said.

Carol Cardy, from Friends of the Hound, said the sentence was a "bit soft" but the judge was fair.

"I just can't abide cruelty to animals. There's no excuse for it. And it doesn't matter how you're brought up, it's just not right," she said, adding that she wasn't sure it would be enough of a deterrent to wipe out the practice.

Chay Neal, president of Animal Liberation Queensland, which filmed the footage that exposed the live baiting scandal, said the decision was "extremely disappointing" and called for the sport to be banned.

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